CKM 12" Jointer/Planer

This is the CKM 12" Jointer that I purchased from a large architectural millwork shop.  A very solid machine that weighs in at over 1000 lbs.  While the machine was practically complete it needed a complete restoration to bring it up to snuff.  After 17 years and millions of board feed of lumber the tables were worn, bearings shaky and a number of parts had been damaged.  The cast aluminum guard was cracked and missing a few pieces.  As they recognized the amount of work needed to continue using it they opted to buy a new jointer so that they wouldn't have any down time.  Thus it became available for me to buy.  I paid $610 for it thru an eBay auction.  I expect to have it completely restored for less than $900 plus many hours of enjoyable labor!

I'll detail the restoration process to the extent I can with pictures and text as the process continues

Machine Statistics


CKM, Taiwan

Model Number:   


Date of manufacture:   



 96" x 27" x 44" Overall


1,320 lbs.


 12" width - 5/8" rabbeting capacity

Cutterhead:  4 knives, 4 11/64" diameter @5,000 rpm
Fence: 5 1/2" x 48" - 0 to 45


 5 HP 3 Ph

Manuals CKM Precision Jointer Manual and Parts Diagram

Historical Note:  This jointer appears to be a direct copy of the British Wadkins jointer with only the original manufacturers name removed from the main casting and a few other small details.  Here is a picture of a Wadkin 12" jointer that I spotted on eBay in 2001.

Stripped down main casting prior to refinishing

Infeed bed removed and damaged blade guard.

Main casting with dings refinished and ready for painting.

Jointer tables were originally hand scrapped but had significant wear

Close up view of one of the worst areas of wear

Freshly reground tables are silky smooth and FLAT!