Delta Model 890 14" Band Saw

This was an accidental purchase.  I went to look at an old Delta Milwaukee scroll saw as it was advertised cheap and I was looking for a parts machine.  After buying the scroll saw I noticed this band saw sitting in the corner in parts.  I asked if he was interested in selling it on a whim.  figured he'd want more than I had available at the time I didn't press for a price and started loading the scroll saw.  After loading he asked if I really was interested. I indicated that I was but I really had too many projects (Hah! no such thing as too many machines to work on!!).  A minute later I asked what he wanted.  When he said, "How about $25?" I responded by whipping out my check book.  While loading it he walked up with a greasy bag in his hands and gave it to me.  He said that it was a spare part that his Uncle had had for the last 50 years but never needed it.  Believe it or not, it was a spare lower drive shaft still coated in cosmoline.  Figured that that part alone was worth more than I paid for the entire saw.


At this time I have this saw almost ready to re-assemble.  It was disassembled completely and all parts were glass beaded or polished.  I've repainted it with Hammerite Dark Silver paint.  I know, it's not the original paint but sure looks nice!  Just waiting on new tires to finish with the exception of the motor.  I have the original 1/3 hp motor that came with it but I'm looking at a couple of options for a larger motor.  I'll most likely use a 1 HP Delta motor for a bit more ooomph!  Pictures to follow when I get a chance.